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When the term “integrated management system” is used in organizations or by auditors, it usually refers to a single management system that is based on at least two or all three of the so-called “basic” management system standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The basic standards are:
            ISO 9001 for quality management systems (financial focus)
            ISO 14001 for environmental management systems
            ISO 45001 for health and safety management systems (social focus in terms of sustainability)
In certain organizations the application of ISO 9001 may be replaced by sector specific standards, such as ISO 13485 for the medical device sector, AS9100 for the aerospace sector, etc.
An integrated management system gives the organization all the benefits of any single management system standard, with the added benefit that it enables the organization to balance its obligations in terms of sustainability, while at the same time improving the overall strategic and tactical management of the organization to its own benefit, the benefit of the environment and the benefit of society. It is a demonstration of good corporate citizenship.
Integrated management systems, applied in a structured manner, protects the organization from trying to control separate management systems in a way that would have synergistic effects and economical benefits for the organization.
Can organizations apply only one or two of the ISO standards? Absolutely! But the organization will lose out on experiencing the full benefits of a single, integrated way of managing the organization, from top management down to the lowest level of management, focussing on all elements of sustainability for the organization – financial sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability.
Other standards have also been published by various organizations, which could also benefit the organization. Examples are:
            Financial management (Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 / King IV)
            Social responsibility (SA 8000)
            Sustainability development (BS8900)
            Business continuity (ISO 27001)
            Information technology service management (ISO 20000)
Specific industry sector standards include:
            Supply chain (ISO 28000)
            Chemicals (RC 14001)
            Automobiles (ISO/TS 16949)
            Aero Space (AS 9100)
            Medical devices (ISO 13485)
            Telecommunications (TL 9000)
            Testing and calibration laboratories (ISO 17025)
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