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Root Cause Analysis Techniques

Root Cause Analysis Techniques

Root Cause Analysis Techniques

When incidents (especially those with negative effects) occur in the workplace, we are expected to take action to prevent recurrence of the incidents, and thus repeating the losses that we have originally suffered. I general, it means that the true causes of the incidents must be known so that appropriate preventive measures can be put in place, especially at system level.
This workshop discusses techniques that can be employed to find the root causes of incidents. There is a wider application as well, and that is to use the techniques to identify potential negative or positive effects before decisions are implemented in the organization. A variety of techniques are discussed to enable the organization to select the most appropriate techniques fir each individual case.
Case studies are also included in the workshop.
Duration: 2 days

            • Introduction
            • The incident causation model
            • The root cause analysis process
            • Root cause analysis techniques
                        o RCA
                        o Appreciation
                        o CATWOE
                        o Brainstorming and Why-analysis
                        o Drill-down technique
                        o Pareto analysis
                        o The Ishikawa diagram
                        o Flow charting
                        o Story telling
            • Case studies
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