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List of Commonly Applied EU Directives and Regulations

List of Commonly Applied EU Directives and Regulations

Common Directives Applicable to the European Market
By Koos Gouws 

The following list contains some of the common directives and regulations that we get most enquiries about as far as companies exporting to the European Union is concerned:

        • 2006/42/EC: Machinery Directive
        • 2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive
        • 2014/30/EU: Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive
        • 2014/68/EU: Pressure Equipment Directive
        • 2013/53/EU: Recreational and Personal Watercraft Directive
        • 2016/425: Personal Protective Equipment Regulations
        • 2009/48/EC: Toy Safety Directive
        • 2014/53/EC: Radio Equipment Directive
        • 2017/745: Medical Device Regulations
Other legislation to be aware of:
        • 2016/426: Gas Appliance Regulations
        • 2014/33/EU: Lifts Directive
        • 2014/32/EU: Measuring Equipment Directive
        • 2000/14/EC: Noise Emissions Directive
        • 2012/19/EU: Waste Electronic Equipment Directive

There are many more pieces of legislation to be aware of. Some are dealing specifically with health and safety issues, while others are more focused on environmental issues.
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