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Implementing ISO 14001

Implementing ISO 14001

Implementing an ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System

This workshop is aimed at persons who are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the management system. The course includes information regarding the standard requirements of the standard, as well as practical information regarding the interpretation of the clauses and the implementation of the systems.
Duration: 4 days

            • Introduction
            • Origins of environmental problems
            • Recent man-made environmental disasters
            • The International Organization for Standardization
            • Important concepts
                        o Sustainability
                        o Strategic and tactical planning
                        o Leadership
                        o Context of the organization
                        o Interested parties
                        o Policy and objectives
                        o Continual improvement
                        o Corporate governance
                        o Risk Based Thinking
            • The environmental management plan
            • Terms and definitions
            • ISO 14001:2015
            • The clauses of ISO 14001:2015
            • Implementation planning
            • Integrated management systems
            • Final thoughts

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