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Communication in the workplace - A practical Approach

Communication in the workplace - A practical Approach

Communication in the Workplace
In any business, communication is of the utmost importance to help ensure the success of the organization. We have all heard about organizations failing due to poor communication, or serious losses being incurred as a result of communication which was not effective.
Communication is a vital aspect of good management. Communication also covers a very wide field, both inside and outside the organization. And yet, many companies do not take the time or make the effort to really improve communication on a practical level. We assume that people know how to communicate, because they do this everyday, all day during their lifetime! But good communication skills need to be taught to improve the effectiveness of our daily communication, especially at the workplace.
This workshop looks at the theories surrounding communication, but then takes a very practical approach and addresses specific communication activities and scenarios.
The workshop is aimed at any person in the workplace who is responsible to communicate with other employees and persons outside the workplace, including the lower levels of supervision and management.
Duration: 5 days
Part 1
            • Introduction
            • The manager’s responsibilities
                        o Management’s communication policy
                        o Managerial receptiveness
                        o Information disclosure
            • The 12 main aspects of communication
            • Some observations on communication
            • Defining communication in the workplace
            • Different communication process models
            • The scope of communication
                        o Interpersonal communication
                        o Organizational communication
            • Communication channels
                        o The channels
                        o Using communication channels effectively
            • Communication networks
                        o Coordinating decisions
                        o Power distribution
                        o Networks
            • Methods of transmission
            • Methods of reception
            • Communication flow lines
            • Causes of misunderstanding
            • Effects of poor communication
            • Improving communication
Part 2
            • Basic skills
                        o Introduction
                        o Effective speech
                        o Business writing
                                 Styles of writing
                        o The art of listening
                        o Questioning
                        o Giving orders
                        o Reprimanding
                        o Counselling
                        o Negotiating in conflicts
                        o Resolving grievances
                                 Basic causes of grievances
                                 Recognizing grievances
                                 The range of skills needed to deal with grievances
                                 Day-to-day operational skills
                                 Negotiating skills when dealing with grievances
                                 A grievance procedure
                        o Conducting discussions
                        o Practical applications
                                 How to communicate effectively
                                 Making a speech
                                 Interviewing
                                 Meetings and committees
                                 Report writing
                                 Project reports
            • Conclusion
Practical exam
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