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How does SHEQ Status Contribute to a Positive Public Image?

By Koos Gouws 

We welcome you and will go out of our way to make your work experience as simple and pleasant as possible while still maintaining your Company's confidential security.

You will have been given a password and login words when you were first introduced to this secure site. Be aware that these words are your Company's property and may not be shared with any person apart from your Company's selected personnel without written permission given by top management.
 Make sure that you switch your computer off, or disconnect from the system if you know you are going to be away from your pc for any length of time, or after using it for the day. 
This will ensure that you are logged off the system.

Flow Charts
The flow charts shown are the procedures required by your company for you to follow and work within.

Form Downloads
Should you require to have any form downloaded, click on the download link, minimize your screen as you may have to login again, before the download will begin.
 Fill in the form and save as to your documents directory, or the location designated for that purpose by your IT department.
 For document control purposes, please do not save empty forms to your computer. 
 Rather download the form from the system every time you need it to ensure that you use the latest version of the form.
 Should it be necessary to have a paper copy, print it out. 
 You can fill in the forms, save it to the designated location and e-mail them to any persons who should receive them.

Changes required to any form required or newly created form to be e-mailed to Sheq Management Systems for us to either update or upload the said the form.  contact us

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Obtain the Unobtainable"


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Thanks for filling out form!