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We WebWork Relationship with Koos Explained

The association between Koos and Tony of We WebWork goes back to 2004 when we first attempted to simplify a management system for a client. From that small beginning and with a lot of development, a working web based system that offers a client a simple secure management tool is now available. 

Koos, working with his client designs the flowcharts and procedures required to fulfil his clients business requirements in whatever business situation the client needs to satisfy the respective governing body to enable the business to get accreditation.

Once a section is complete We WebWork then starts the procedure of translating Koos's documents into a working secure web site. Each new client is given a separate sub domain within a secure hosted domain. Passwords are selected by the client and the first pages created. The client can from his place of business login and follow the development of his system. As the system develops, extensive changes and additions will take place and bearing in mind that the average size (no of web pages) required for a small business is 90 odd pages this management system is very informative and extensive.

The speed in which the system is built depends to a large extent on the speed the client supplies the required documentation to Koos. The delays We WebWork have experienced are always client delivery related and as this SHEQ Management site take preference over what other work We WebWork maybe involved in, the delay is seldom here.

As it is impossible at the start of the system to have any idea of the final number of pages any one system will require We WebWork offer a set up fee of R500.00 due at time of acceptance, then flat monthly fee of R300.00 a month which includes hosting untill termination of the aggreement. For every web page created during any one month a flat fee or R100.00 will be invoiced. Once the site and the business has passed acceptance by the accrediting authority We WebWork will continue to host and maintain the finished product. Any changes modifications required are done at no extra charge, but only with Koos's authorisation during the life time of the system. This covers the hosting fee and any mandatory upgrades and requested alterations that may be required to keep the system up to date.

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