Root Cause Analysis Techniques
(RCat Methodology. Presented through IRCA)

This course is an accredited course which is presented by IRCA. 

Root Cause Analysis Technique (RCat™) is intended for all whose work related activities include the management and control of safety, risks, audits, incident costs, environmental aspects, legislation and the investigation of incidents.
Incident investigation is recognized as a vital element of an effective safety and loss control process.
This course takes the candidate through a step-by-step process to investigate incidents, using a causation model to identify the underlying root causes of the incident.
The course is very practical and real-life incidents are used to demonstrate the techniques. The technique is equally applicable to minor incidents up to catastrophic accidents.
RCat™ is intended for any person who is involved in the investigation of incidents, from health and safety representatives, to supervisors and managers.

Duration: 3 days

Course outline
                                Causes and consequences of incidents - a map for investigations
                                 The importance of incident investigation and getting them reported
                                 Pre-incident preparation and incident response
                                 Information gathering and organization techniques
                                 Reconstruction and re-enactment
                                 Incident reports and the corrective action plan
                                 The RCat™ root cause analysis technique
                                 Legal requirements: Mine health and safety act
                                 Legal requirements: Occupational health and safety act
                                 Accident investigation techniques: Determining speed

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