Quality Management
Aimed at Top Management

The workshop is for persons who are responsible for quality management in the organization, irrespective of the system which is employed.
The workshop focuses on management issues, and, if presented in-house, is customized to the requirements of the management team, considering time constraints.

Duration: 1 to 5 days (depending on customization)

Course Outline
                 The quality function
                                 The quality function
                Quality and the bottom line
                                Quality and economics
                                 Major economical influences
                                 Customers vs. suppliers
                                 User knowledge
                                 How quality influences price
                                 Quality and market share
                                 Quality leadership and business management
                                 Lifecycle costing
                                 Must it be perfect?
                                The corporate quality manager
                                 The divisional quality manager
                                 The operations quality manager
                                 Pitfalls for managers
                Quality planning
                                Planning concepts
                                 Company wide quality planning
                                 Quality control
                                 Who is responsible for planning?
                                 Planning tools
                Quality function deployment
                                The organizational structure
                                 Elements of quality management
                                 The quality management hierarchy
                                 Coordination of the quality function
                                 Staff quality functions
                Executive management and quality
                                 Participation by executive managers
                                 Training executive managers
                                 Quality policy and objectives
                Quality management tools
                                Problem solving
                                 Process management
                                 Assessment and metrics
                Quality Costing
                                Cost of poor quality
                                 Cost reduction
                Customer focussed organizations
                 Supplier relations
                Management concepts
                                 Project management
                                 The quality management system
                                 Defining and creating a responsive corporate culture
                Training for quality
                                Planning the training program
                                 Training needs assessments
                                 Training provision
                                 Training methods
                                 Evaluating training programs
                Managing human performance
                                 The Tailor system
                                 Theories on motivation
                                 The role of management
                                 Worker participation
                                 Evaluating worker performance
                                 Managing the consequences of worker performance
                                 Team performance
                                 Quality campaigns
                                 Quality and the national culture
                Quality in capitalistic economies
                                Cultural differences
                                 Multinational collaboration
                National efforts for quality
                                 Export inspection
                                 National promotion
                                 Education and training

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