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ISO Internal Auditor Training (Presented through IRCA)

Internal auditing of the implemented quality, environmental and occupational health and safety systems is a requirement of all 3 standards.
It is also a requirement that the internal auditors must be competent. Competency can be gained through formal training.
This course enables internal auditors, who have been trained to understand the various management systems, to apply that knowledge in an internal audit. Audit techniques, as well as the audit process are included in this course. Communication techniques are also included.
A test is written at the end of the course to assess the competency of the candidates.

Duration: 2 days
Course outline
                General introduction
                                Principles of auditing
                                 Auditing methods
                                 Knowledge and skills of an internal auditor
                                 Personal attributes of an internal auditor
                                 The internal auditor's dozen "always"
                                 Planning the audit
                                 Conducting the audit
                                 Audit reports
                                 Guidelines for the evaluation of management systems during an internal audit

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