88/378/EEC: Toy Safety Directive

The main idea behind CE marking products distributed in Europe is to reduce trade barriers between member states of the European Union. The toy safety directive provides the uniform requirements regarding the health and safety of persons using or who are in contact with or in the vicinity where the toys are used. Toys should offer effective protection, especially for children, against hazards arising from the products. Toys should not jeopardize the safety and health of users or third parties. The foreseeable behaviour of children must also be taken into account, because they generally do not show the same degree of care as adults would.
A toy is a product or material designed or clearly intended for use in play by children less than 14 years of age.
CE is an abbreviation for "Communautés Européennes" (European Communities). Application of the CE Mark shows that the manufacturer has submitted a declaration of conformity with the essential requirements for toys, and an EC certificate issued by a notified body that has conducted an EC type examination on the toys. 
Conformity to the essential requirements must be proven, and a risk assessment is required. A technical file is compiled.
SHEQ Management Systems consults to organizations regarding conformance to the requirements of the toy safety directive. We ensure that the process is streamlined, by providing training, advice on the requirements of the directive (legal and technical), assisting with the risk assessment and risk management, as well as with drawing up the declaration of conformity. We also assist with locating a suitable notified body, and maintain communication regarding compliance of the toy with the notified body, serving as a link between the manufacturer and the notified body. A full documentation pack is delivered, including all the required documents.
Also note that the requirements of other directives may also be applicable.

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