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Basic Production Management

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare candidates with the potential to enrol in a formal certificate or diploma course in production management. It is also intended for candidates who will be appointed as production managers or who will support production managers.
The workshop includes the basic production management subjects, as well as the principles of quality management, including inspection and quality control.
An introduction to quantitative methods in production management is also included.

Duration: 5 days
Course Outline
                                Historical development of production management
                                 Process design
                                 Factory layout
                                 Internal transport
                                 Working environment
                Production management in perspective
                                Business functions
                                 The systems approach
                                 The business system and subsystems
                                 Production in relation to other business systems
                                 The production system, production subsystems and production management
                Cost data and decision making
                                General introduction
                                 Classification of costs
                                 Uses of cost data
                Production planning and production control
                                 Production planning
                                 Control methods
                                 Planning and control in practice
                 Materials management and inventory control
                                General introduction
                                 Materials management functions
                                 Stock keeping
                                 Inventory control
                                 Inventory costs
                                 Determining economic order sizes
                                 Determining re-order points
                                 The ABC inventory classification method
                                 Inventory control in practice
                Quality control
                                Quality control principles
                                 Statistical quality control
                Quantitative methods in production management
                                 Critical path methods
                                 Linear programming models
                                 Inventory control models
                                 Replacement and maintenance models
                                 Queuing models

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